Reading Response 5

Chapter 10 was a little hard for me to understand at first because there were some terms that I was not really familiar with so I really had to pay attention while reading. The first part of the reading was a little boring for me but I soon found myself realizing exactly how much work and editor does.

Before taking this class when I thought of an editor the only thing that came to my mind was fixing grammatical errors in a paper and thats about it. After reading this chapter I realized that doesn’t even start to describe their job.

I was interested in the online aspects that they play a role in creating. The thing that stood out to me the most was the GIFs section. GIFs and memes are huge right now in the social media world, so it was interesting to learn how they connected with my major in a way that I had never thought about.

Even though this chapter was a little hard to follow at first I ended up really enjoying it towards the end. From what I gathered the job title of an editor will only continue to expand, so they should start applying for a raise now.

Editor Reflection

Being the editor for two writers was something I enjoyed more than I thought I would. When this assignment was first given to us I was not looking forward to it. I do not have an experience really editing, nor do I have any confidence in my editing. One of my writers was fantastic. When I read her article I only found one little thing that I suggested she change but other than that it was amazing. My other writer struggled a little bit with her content and how she organized it. This made editing her article difficult because I had marks all over her page. Even though I don’t really like writing I enjoyed reading other peoples work and giving my opinion on how it could be improved more than I expected.


The main focus of Chapter 5 is Headlines. When I finished this chapter I felt like I had a better understanding of headlines and the purpose they serve. The biggest thing I feel like I took from this chapter is the rules of a successful headline. Before reading this chapter I did not realize just how much a headline could affect the article. I sometimes lack in the creative field so coming up with a creative headline is something that I would struggle with but after reading this chapter I feel more comfortable in my abilities. With this only being the second reading assignment this book has already helped tremendously with my editing knowledge which is making me feel more at ease about this course.


After reading this chapter in our book it helped me feel like I understand editing a little better. I have never had the desire to edit anything before because I did not feel comfortable with it because I didn’t think I knew enough to make actual corrections. The only editing experience I have is if a friend brings me their paper I can find obvious things that are misspelled or used in the wrong context or if it just doesn’t sound right but that’s about it. I really hope this class brings me a better knowledge of editing not just for me to help other people but myself as well. This section helped me feel a little better about having to help your other class edit because I am not looking forward to that very much but I think that this book will help with a lot.