reading Response 11

This reading response was all about infographics. This was probably my least favorite chapter because I never knew what infographics was and don’t really think that it is that important. It was kind of cool seeing where they came from and the history of infographics. I do think that for our generation infographics send the message better. A lot of people do not like reading a lot and this is a way of putting a lot of information out their in a really and simply way.

Reading Response 10

This reading response was all about layout. I really thought that this was important because I was the sports editor for the newspaper and this was probably the hardest part of it all. I just kept the ones that Janie played out the year before. I was always scared about changing it up because I thought that it was so complicated. I am glad that I read this chapter because I really think that this will help anyone that is trying to get a job with being a part of the newspaper.

Reading Response 9

This reading response is all about fonts. I really liked this section because I liked learning about how many fonts their are and which ones are best to use. I never realized how many fonts their really are. I loved learning about incorporating different colors with the different fonts. I think that this is very important with designing because it can really make or break a page. You can really capture someones attention if you do this in the wrong or even the right way so much sure you are careful when doing so. Overall I really liked this chapter and I think it is important when designing anything from a newspaper to a magazine.

Reading Response 8

This reading response basically talks about the sins of design. I enjoyed this section because I didn’t really believe their was even such a thing. I thought that it was all opinion based and I think that it is a good thing that there is something to reference because I think a lot of people get to into it and make it to just be way to much. I also didn’t realize that size and scale also really matter. I really liked this chapter and thought it was important if you want to get into design.

Reading Response 7

Chapter 7 of Lieb was a review of a lot of the things we learned in some of our other classes. Copy writing is a huge deal. A lot of people do this and they do not even mean too. I know of people taking things from the internet and pretending that it is theirs and they get into so much trouble because of it. Ethics are so important in journalism because without ethics we wouldn’t be people. Each person has their own set of ethics and we can argue what is right from wrong but it is for our personal ethics that make us independent. I have a hard time figuring out what is right from wrong because I don’t think anything is just black or white. I think of everything in a situational base. I think that there are wrongs and rights but it really depends on the situation. I also really liked all of the visuals that the book showed.


Reading Response 6

After reading chapter 10, I didn’t realize how big the creating and editing aspect of a newspaper really is. The book says that as editors it is our job to get the creating and editing done. It honestly seems like alot of work for a one man show. When I worked for the student newspaper I kind of had to do the same thing but I would take the layout from the one before and I didnt really want to change that because it was alot of work. I cannot imagine that I would have to go out and find information, write the information, and then edit it and then on top of all of that then have to find a creative way to show the information.


Editor Response 2

After meeting with Carson and Josh for the second time I was not very happy. Both of the writers turned there paper on late. It was due Friday and they turned it into me around 12 at night on Sunday. Josh’s paper was very short and not very detailed. I explained to him that he needs to fix the errors and to also add more. I talked to Carson about his not making sense so i’m hoping that he changed that. I like that I can get the experience of editing other peoples papers. I hope that they make the proper changes.

Editor Response 1

Carson is a Mass Communications major. He seems very nice and very driven. He is on the baseball team and is also in my debate class.  Josh is also a Mass Communications major. Carson is writing about Professor Arbitter. She is going to interview her and talk about how she ended up at Piedmont College. Carson likes writing essays and he supposes that he is a good writer. He is very confident in his final drafts of his writings but he is one to use an outline. For his outline it is more of a web that includes his introduction, conclusion, and three main points that he is going to include in his paper. Josh was very hard to meet with because he is taking a lot of different classes and has lacrosse practice. He is going to be doing his paper on the Piedmont Lacrosse team and is going to be interviewing Sumner Gainz which is the assistant coach that used to go and play at Piedmont as well.  I gave them both my number and told them to call or text me with any questions or concerns that they may have. I think Carsons will be very good and I’m hoping Josh’s will as well. I am going to meet with them again once they send it to me on Friday and sit with them and ask questions and review both of their papers. I am excited yet nervous for this

Reading Response 4

Chapter 9 talks about your audience and that you should learn who you want your audience to be. I think that this is extremely important in every single job. Knowing your audience you have to really understand where they are coming from and what they want to hear. You may think your piece is great but it will not mean anything without knowing your audience. If you want to be successful you have got to know your target audience and you have to be appealing to them. I have learned this in my classes before but this really helped me understand the importance of it.

Reading Response 3

Chapter 6 of Liebs talks about defemnation. We have always talked about this topic in our classes because this topic is very important to our major. I know the difference between libel and slander. But this chapter gave me a better understanding of the two. This section also talked about the journalistic privilege. I have never heard of this word before actually and I was very surprised that we have never talked about it in our classes. I didn’t know all of the protection to journalists. I think that this really helps me for my future because I know what information I can put out there without getting into trouble. This chapter was great because it made me more comfortable about not getting into trouble with some of the things that I will be writing in the future.