Last Reading Response

Chapter 10 of Hagen and Golombisky was all about infographics and how to properly use and make them. Which was good for me because I’ve only ever made one of them before. i enjoyed the paragraph about multimedia infographics because honestly I had no idea what they even meant. But from the looks and sounds of it, it looks really complicated. I also really liked how all of the example of infographics have graphs in them because that that is one of the best ways I tend to learn. Obviously though my favorite part of infographics are the photos because its me and I love photos. All in all, this book has been really helpful for our last and final project we have for class.

Reading Response 10

Chapter 6 is all about layouts. Which I think a lot of the last chapters we read were too. I really enjoyed the paragraph about “how do I know where to put stuff” because I never know if i’m doing things right or wrong, and the grid paragraph because I just now started using the grid and im still trying to figure out how to use it. Even the “flipping photos is a bad idea” was informative because I didn’t think anything was wrong with that but it explained everything in a way I could understand. But this chapter definitely goes with what we are doing with our magazine and it really helps when we think of what we are wanting ours to look like.

Chapter 9 was all about adding visual appeal, which of course I love because I am a social media and photo addict. For the most part I thought I knew how to edit and crop my pictures but there was a couple things that I didn’t know. Like file size, and ect. I really enjoyed the paragraph about still graphics from a video because I am always wanting to take a still photo from a video because photos are so hard to capture at the perfect moment but sometimes screen-shoting from a video can be very pixilated and blurry, so it really helped. All in all, this is one of my favorite paragraphs because I love photography and love to figure which placement works the best and what edits work best. All of these chapters are really good for our upcoming magazine because we want it to be perfect.

Reading Response 9

Chapter 7 of Hagen and Golombisky is all about fonts. I really didn’t know how much fonts had a big deal in the way we write. I definitely didn’t know that you are supposed to have your font  for your headline and body different from each other. I knew the size of them but I didn’t know you could do two completely different fonts. I also didn’t know anything really about “reading rhythm” which I thought was really interesting because I’ve never heard of it. This chapter definitely did help though because of when I write my blog you need to write in bullets and in certain fonts to get the readers attention.

Chapter 8 would have to be one of my favorite chapters. I love color and I love to make things pop but i also love to have certain photos black and white. I really enjoyed the color wheel because I sometimes think that really tacky colors go together but a lot of the times I’m wrong. With using the color wheel you can never go wrong. I enjoyed the page about the filters because I can use that in everyday life with my Instagram or Facebook, because I mean I am famous. (lol but really). But all jokes aside these two chapters were very helpful and I would use them everyday in everyday life.

Reading Response 8

Chapter 4 of Hagen and Golombisky, was all about layout sins. I thought this chapter was definitely a good idea considering we are about to make our own little magazine. The main topics were on what NOT to do when having made a layout and it getting the readers attention. I really liked how he numbered the “sins” when it comes to layouts, which really helped because I learn better that way. The one I really enjoyed was sin number 12, called Widows & Orphans because I really had no idea what they meant. Once realizing what is was I realized I have seen it before in some magazines.

Chapter 5 was all about a mini art school. Which I loved because I love being artistic. Most of it has to do with advertising so it mostly has pictures. In the pictures you have to see angle them the right way and also put words onto the picture but make sure words don’t take complete focus away from the photo. I also liked how they wrote this chapter in stages also. Like Element NO. 2, and ect. I really enjoyed the paragraph about gestalt theory because I have never heard of that before. I really liked how mass communications and psychology mix together in this process of magazines. All in all, both chapters were 100% helpful because we are just about to do our own and I have never done anything like that before.

Reading Response 7 Ch. 7 & 8

Chapter 7 of Lieb, highlighted the points of privacy, copyright, international regulations, and other legal issues. Its a good thing that this chapter was involved in the book because to be quite honest I had no idea about any of it except for copyright. I just always seemed to follow a real with what i thought was right and what wasn’t right when writing about people. I had no idea what most of the words meant when it came to a legal stand point but it was good to be informed because we are about to get in the real world and could get in trouble or even as far as fired if we get the wrong information. I really enjoyed the paragraph about publishing a product or service endorsements because I do think it is a cool thing to give people products if they have a big following on instagram or twitter to show of their product but also the more a celebrity uses a product and promotes it the people who like the celebrity will buy the  product so it is a great way of selling products. Another paragraph that I thought was very interesting was the fending off foreign legal threats because even just hearing thought words is somewhat scary. But also so much information that I need to know that I didn’t already.

Chapter 8 to me was a little more of who you are as a person and what you think is okay to put out there and what isn’t. What someone thinks is ethical and what someone thinks isn’t is a big part of this work field. I really enjoyed the paragraph about image manipulation because it completely puts me in shock that someone would do this because it is completely telling another story when  you place or take something away from a photo. I also was really intrigued by the paragraph “withholding information that could lead to harm” because as journalist people trust us with information and they trust that if they give you some information that we will withhold their name or protect them in anyway possible. Also if that information has to do with the law you must definitely have to make sure you keep your sources safe. All in all both of these chapters had a lot of information that I hardly even knew about but I do now!

Reading Response 6

Chapter one of White Space I really enjoyed, mostly because I love looking at grapghics and I learn better with pictures. I personally have never  made a legit graphic  so I wasn’t quite sure how go about making one but this chapter definitely tells you how you want to make it and the different kind of graphics for different types of organizations. I really enjoyed the paragraph about “Know the Rules, Break the rules if you have a reason” because that is one thing I like about this major is theres not a lot of rules and you can speak your mind and be creative on your own.

Chapter definitely got into more information to process. Like what is the budget? who is providing content? and what about timing and turnaround? Which is more of the details of why you are making a graphic. Then it goes into the sketches which I thought was really interesting even though I can’t even draw a stick figure. But I did like the photos on the side of the page where the sketch had started to the final product and it was major improvement.

I really liked chapter 3 how it showed you how to do certain things in steps because like for me visual learning is the best or someone to walk me through it. I kind of knew how to make one though because we’ve done one in PR this semester. But between both of these books I definitely like this one better.

Reading Response 6

Chapter 11 of Lieb was all about Editorial Triage. And when I first hear that I honestly have no idea what that means. But he explains shortly into the chapter that it refers to the fact that in some cases material arrives so close to deadline that the editor cannot possibly do a thorough job. Which is a real bummer if someone can’t do the best job possible.

He later goes on to talk about some ways to get stuff done on time and to be efficient is like for example making lists is a great way to get stuff done, and having the check lists having everything you need on them like names and numbers. Time is something we always take for granted and it is a huge part of having a deadline.

All in all this chapter was very very short but a good reminder to always stay on top of your work and stay focused.

Editor Response 2

My two writers were Nicole Thomas and Tommy Hill. Both writers were very good about sending me there papers on time and asking questions.

Tommy wrote “A Day in the Life of Mr. Lentz”. Brian is an athletic trainer here at piedmont college and Tommy goes into detail what he does here and why he loves it so much. Tommy also talks about what he did before he came here with Brian’s internship with the Miami Dolphins which was really interesting. There was only a couple mistakes, a few comas here and there and wanting to change the ending of the paper. I really liked how he included a picture of the person he interviewed, it was required but I thought it was a nice touch. I also enjoyed the link he put at the end saying if you want to know more go to this website because that gives a reader if they want more information a place to go. All in all, I really enjoyed his paper.

Nicole’s paper was a little more difficult. She had only written 100 and something words when the required writing was 300-500 words. She also repeated the beginning of her sentences with “he” a lot and made a whole paragraph a quote. I gave her a bit of ideas on how to fix some of the problems but she expressed that she didn’t know how to do any of them. I am really worried about her paper and think maybe tutoring would be a good idea. I hope she can fix this mistakes, I told her she could email me with anymore questions she may have.

Reading Response 5

Lieb of chapter 10 was very interesting, I really really enjoyed the paragraph about photo galleries and slides shows because I am always wanting to show my readers a little bit of my personality in not only my writing but also my photos. Photos are probably one of my favorite things in this entire world and to be able to share with people something they just could see is amazing.

Maps was also a great paragraph because I didn’t realize how much people do like them and how important they are to readers. Also animated GIFs have gotten so popular this past year. Everyone uses it literally for anything and it can get your message across without even saying your own words.

All in all I really enjoyed the parts that made our writing come to life, including videos, pictures, GIFs and others.

Reading Response 4

Chapter two “Choosing Content That Clicks” was very good. I really enjoyed the paragraph about “What New Publishers Can Learn From Old Media” because I 100% agree with everything this paragraph has to offer. I think we can learn what to do and what not to do with all of the writers that have come before us.

The paragraph about defining the target audience also was good. I am in advertisement now and it reminded me a lot about what we also talk about in this class when it comes to demographics and the psychographic factors. One of the most important things we as editors do is select material that should be published and what shouldn’t. And with that comes a lot of power but a lot of responsibility.

Chapter nine “Managing Engagement” was a lot of information. External and internal engagement I know the definitions of them but this helped explain it a lot more. I really liked the paragraph about crafting and using social media guidelines because I am a very social media person. I am contently on it writing things posting things all the time. So it was a good reminder of how to do certain things and say certain things without stepping over the line.

All in all both of these chapters were well informing and entertaining.