When I first saw that chapter ten was on infographics, I was excited to read more. I really have never made an infographic myself, I have only seen other students make them.

The first time I saw an infographic that a student made was for the newspaper that we produce. It went along with an article about drinking in college, I believe.

The history of infographics was interesting because I liked seeing where and when they started. It was cool to see that they used to use them with programs like NASA. I also never thought to consider that video games are infographics that are just in 3D.

I love the idea of using an infographic because it’s an easy way to get information across. I think the most efficient way to make in infographic in general would be to do either a chart or sequence. Both of those are simple and easy to understand, and probably one of the easier ones to make.

I also like infographics because they are good way to fill space. I have come across this issue way too many times and an infographic is a professional and creative way to fill space if needed.

Overall, I enjoyed this chapter because I learned a lot about them and I hope to use them more in the future.

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