Chapter 6 is all about layouts. Which I think a lot of the last chapters we read were too. I really enjoyed the paragraph about “how do I know where to put stuff” because I never know if i’m doing things right or wrong, and the grid paragraph because I just now started using the grid and im still trying to figure out how to use it. Even the “flipping photos is a bad idea” was informative because I didn’t think anything was wrong with that but it explained everything in a way I could understand. But this chapter definitely goes with what we are doing with our magazine and it really helps when we think of what we are wanting ours to look like.

Chapter 9 was all about adding visual appeal, which of course I love because I am a social media and photo addict. For the most part I thought I knew how to edit and crop my pictures but there was a couple things that I didn’t know. Like file size, and ect. I really enjoyed the paragraph about still graphics from a video because I am always wanting to take a still photo from a video because photos are so hard to capture at the perfect moment but sometimes screen-shoting from a video can be very pixilated and blurry, so it really helped. All in all, this is one of my favorite paragraphs because I love photography and love to figure which placement works the best and what edits work best. All of these chapters are really good for our upcoming magazine because we want it to be perfect.

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