Chapter 10 was a little hard for me to understand at first because there were some terms that I was not really familiar with so I really had to pay attention while reading. The first part of the reading was a little boring for me but I soon found myself realizing exactly how much work and editor does.

Before taking this class when I thought of an editor the only thing that came to my mind was fixing grammatical errors in a paper and thats about it. After reading this chapter I realized that doesn’t even start to describe their job.

I was interested in the online aspects that they play a role in creating. The thing that stood out to me the most was the GIFs section. GIFs and memes are huge right now in the social media world, so it was interesting to learn how they connected with my major in a way that I had never thought about.

Even though this chapter was a little hard to follow at first I ended up really enjoying it towards the end. From what I gathered the job title of an editor will only continue to expand, so they should start applying for a raise now.

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